At Firma-Chome our fully automated hard chrome plant can produce flash hard chrome coatings of smooth, bright or satin finish with a thickness of up to 25 microns (0.001").

Hard chrome is used to reduce friction, add wear resistance and increase corrosion protection. It is a hard, low friction, wear- and scratch-resistant metal coating, and is ideal for cutting and slicing blades, sharpening steels, pistons, drill bits and heavy duty electrical contacts.

Hard chrome can also be used for anti-galling and anti-fretting purposes on ‘stainless steel to stainless steel’ applications. Our automatic plant is ideal for high volume work, where an extended wear life and a semi-decorative finish are the main criteria; although it is possible to pre- and post-polish hard chrome to produce an almost mirror finish where minimum friction is required.

We do not offer decorative chrome plating, nor are we able to handle car parts.