From our humble start with two employees and not many more customers, Firma-Chrome now has twelve employees and over 200 regular customers. These customers produce a diverse range of products for markets varying from medical to automotive, cutlery to street furniture.

We are proud to be associated with Sheffield steel and cutlery, both still highly regarded all over the world. Our plating and polishing services enhance products and so travel worldwide too!

A lot can change in 30 years!

Firma-Chrome was founded in July 1987. In the same year:

  • Digging began for the Channel Tunnel
  • Ikea opened its first store in the UK
  • European car of the year was the Peugeot 405, made in Coventry (price from £8000)
  • The Prime Minister was a woman

30 years later:

  • The Channel Tunnel has carried over 22 million passengers (legally!)
  • The UK's 20th Ikea store is due to open in Sheffield
  • European car of the year is the Peugeot 3008, made in Sochaux, France (price from £22000)
  • The Prime Minister is a woman

and Firma-Chrome is still going strong!